Paying by e-Transfer

Do not make a purchase that is more than three times your daily maximum e-Transfer limit.
(refer to your banking institution to obtain your daily maximum e-Transfer limit)

1. Checkout as you normally would, choosing "e-Transfer" as your payment method.

a. If no items in your cart have a "e-Transfer" rate to be applied, you can immediately e-Transfer the total owing to: when you complete your checkout.
b. If any of your items have a "e-Transfer" price, within a few days, you will receive a modified receipt in email with your new updated cash discounted total.
    i. Upon receiving the new updated receipt, you can e-Transfer the new total owing to:
c. **IMPORTANT** In the memo/notes section of the e-Transfer, put your order number, nothing else.
(refer to your banking instution for how to complete an e-Transfer)
3. If your banking institution supports auto-deposit, that's all, you're now done.

4. If your banking institution doesn't support auto-deposit, you'll be asked to create a password.
a. To create a password, gather these two pieces of information:
i. Your first name: <Homer Simpson> (as registered at
ii. Order number (from receipt): <1001>
iii. Your e-Transfer password will follow the format: homer1001
(no spaces, all lowercase, using YOUR first name and order number. DO NOT USE "homer1001")
c. Follow the prompts to finish the e-transfer and you're now done.
5. The transfer will show that you've e-Transferred money to "2329993 Ontario Inc." This is correct.

Once we have reviewed your payment, you will receive an email comfirming the completion of your order.

Having a problems with your e-Transfer?

1. If you can't transfer the total amount in one e-Transfer due to maximum transfer allowances, transfer your maximum amount and then finish the remaining amount the next day. (we will allow up to 3 transfers per transaction over 3 days)

2. If you would like to return to paying by another method of payment, email "". Let us know your order number and explain you wish to choose another payment method. A new invoice will be created and you will receive an email advising you to return to the website and complete your transaction within 72 hours (or the sale will be cancelled and the items will be returned to inventory).

3. If you are having any difficulty with your e-transfer, contact "" with your order number and explain the situation. We will gladly work with you to correct any problems.